Ultrasonic Speed for 600% Better Cleansing

Ultrasonic Speed for 600% Better Cleansing

We’re all familiar with the age-old adage that square pegs don’t fit in round holes, but the world of professional cleansing brushes seems stuck in the dark ages.  Round brushes packed full of sharp, unhygienic bristles that pull, tug and scratch the skin, and simply can’t access most areas of the facial topography.

Designed By Real Skin Therapists

The bt-sonic ultrasonic facial cleansing brush is truly different. Featuring a triangular cleansing head to access all those nooks-and-crannies, plus super hygienic silicone bristles to gently cleanse the skin with ultrasonic vibration, the bt-sonic  can help your chosen cleanser perform up to 600% better.

While the benefits of ultrasonic vibration are now well understood in dental care, with many consumers having ultrasonic toothbrushes in their daily regimen, ultrasonic cleansing in skin care is still not as widespread.

Even after the cleansing brush craze of several years ago, where consumers were subjecting their skin to scratchy bristles that tugged the skin, and were impossible to properly clean, most people are simply not spending enough time cleansing their skin.  With only seconds spent on the average home cleanse, our clients are simply not getting the trapped dirt, debris and environmental pollutants off their skin.  This can lead to a dulled appearance, congestion and breakouts, and a cumulative reduction in overall skin health as pollution particles wreak oxidative havoc on the skin.  In fact, prolonged exposure to the toxins in air pollution can even contribute to uneven skin tone!

The Keys to Proper Cleansing

Selecting a cleansing formula that is assertive enough to cut through oil and debris, yet gentle enough not to strip the skin’s essential moisture barrier.  Yet, a cleanser alone is not enough, and this is where ultrasonic cleansing comes in.  By introducing the ultrasonic waves from the bt-sonic  to the skin during cleansing, you’re literally pulsing the debris, oils and toxins off the skin surface, allowing the cleanser to provide peak performance without stripping the skin’s natural protective barrier.

In just a few minutes, a cleanse with the bt-sonic's ultrasonic cleansing technology delivers a professional level of clean, making it the ideal addition to the professional skin care service and the home regimen.

Check out what the bt-sonic can do for your cleansing routine!

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