The Power of Hyaluronic Acid for Healthy, Glowing Skin


Hyaluronic acid has become a staple ingredient in many skincare products, and for good reason. This remarkable substance can hold up to 10,000 times its weight in moisture, making it an excellent ingredient in addressing dryness, fine lines, and dehydration while helping restore the healthy moisture barrier of the skin.

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found throughout the human body, particularly in the eyes, joints and skin. It’s known for its remarkable ability to retain water, making it an essential component in maintaining skin hydration and elasticity, as well as helping to maintain a healthy skin moisture barrier

In fact, Hyaluronic Acid has a myriad of benefits that make it a must have ingredient for most regimens:

  • Intense Hydration:

Hyaluronic acid's ability to hold a significant amount of water makes it perfect for addressing skin dryness and dehydration.
  • Improved Skin Elasticity:

As a natural component of the skin, hyaluronic acid helps to maintain skin flexibility and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

  • Promotes Skin Resilience & Recovery:

Hyaluronic acid can help the skin to recover from environmental assault, the ravages of stress or even a particularly assertive skin smoothing service by helping to attract critical moisture to the skin surface.

The power of Hyaluronic Acid, the Convenience of a Gel Sheet Masque

Gel sheet masques are made from a thin, gel material that is saturated with hyaluronic acid and other skincare ingredients. These masques are designed to contour to the shape of the face, ensuring optimal ingredient delivery, while also delivering a flash cooling effect to help reduce sensitivity.

Client being treated with a hyaluronic gel facial masque

Bio-Therapeutic leads the hyaluronic gel facial masque category with its popular Hyaluronic Delivery System of masques, featuring face, neck and eye masque options.  The unique masque is supercharged with hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans for the ultimate in skin hydration and brightening. A proprietary, anatomically optimized gel sheet made from marine algae contours effortlessly to the face, neck or eyes, optimizing ingredient delivery and enhancing the performance of strategic products layered beneath while providing a flash cooling, calming effect. Licorice extracts and arbutin help to boost skin luminosity and balance tone, while sargasso algae revitalizes the skin’s appearance. Essential oils of damask rose, used for centuries and hailed by many as the “queen of essential oils,” helps to harmonize the skin and soothe the senses.

Next Generation, Copper Infused Gel Masques

Male client being treated with a copper infused, hyaluronic repair face masque
Copper infused gel masques combine the power of hyaluronic acid with the benefits of copper, a mineral known for many skin benefits beyond its pronounced blue color. For example, the Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque is a copper infused gel masque that rapidly cools the skin while delivering critical nourishment and repair. A unique complex of three peptides supports skin health and reduces the appearance of premature aging, while skullcap, gotu kola, peony root and licorice, used for centuries in traditional Eastern herbal preparations, help to nourish and calm the skin while also providing antioxidant benefits.