New Energy for an Age Old Problem: The Energetic Theory of Skin Aging

A smiling woman with her eyes closed, gently grazing her face, in front of a gray background.

The skincare industry is constantly evolving, with innovative solutions being developed to combat the effects of aging. The latest breakthrough involves harnessing the power of nature, coupled with advanced technology, to replenish and optimize skin fitness and resilience. While this may not seem like a dramatic, new approach at first blush, the fundamental understanding of skin aging has been completely rethought in the last decade – with the Energetic Theory of Aging now the popular explanation for many of the causes of premature aging on the skin.

The Energetic Theory of Aging

Skin aging is an inevitable process. As we age, our skin has to constantly fend off assaults from both internal and external sources. These include environmental pollution, climate, lifestyle habits, and our body's own metabolic activities. Each skirmish drains the skin's energy reserves, accelerating the aging process.  These extrinsic aging triggers can account for upwards of 85% of skin aging signs, and differ from intrinsic aging because they are not genetically defined at birth.

The Energy Dilemma

An animation of a blueish, jagged sphere, depicting reduced resilience as part of the aging process.

Skin's energy is crucial for maintaining its health and vitality. However, as we age, our skin's energy reserves dwindle, leading to signs of premature aging. This insight has led to the development of the Energetic Theory of Aging, which posits that replenishing skin's energy can slow down and even reverse skin aging.

Bio-Therapeutic has long understood that the body is a subtle electrical organ, and already had a line-up of formulas that helped to replenish skin energy levels long before the Energetic Theory of Aging became as mainstream as it is today.  This dual approach helps to address the signs of the skin aging on the skin, while helping to restore the skin’s resilience to extrinsic aging triggers by helping to restore energetic balance and the skin’s natural protective mantle.

The Energetic Future of Skincare

An animation of four probes touching the skin, depicting microcurrent treatment

Combining Science and Nature

While the marriage of science and nature is not a new concept in skincare, Bio-Therapeutic's innovative approach is unique. By focusing on the body’s energetic system, while harnessing the power of nature, has led to the development of a truly revolutionary product that optimizes skin fitness by boosting resilience against a variety of aging triggers. Its lightweight formula leaves a delicate, dewy glow on the skin, enhancing its natural beauty.

Bio-Therapeutic, a pioneer in technology-accelerated skincare, has developed a potent formula that helps to address the loss of resilience related to the Energetic Theory of Aging: the bt-cocktail ampoule. This product utilizes botanical technology, specifically lab-grown moss. Mosses are among the planet's most resilient organisms, thriving through millions of years of harsh climate changes due to their extraordinary adaptability.

The Secret of Skin Energy

An animation of a blue, oval skin cell receiving waves of microcurrent, depicting recharging the skin cells energy

The bt-cocktail ampoule blends Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and ATP precursors to rapidly recharge the skin's energy. ATP is the molecule responsible of the skin’s energy supply. By replenishing ATP levels, the ampoule is designed to revitalize skin and increase skin resilience to attack.

Antioxidant Protection

A computer model of the human face, with information on its right, depicting skin damage via UV, stress, and pollution.

The ampoule also contains Thiotaine, providing wide-spectrum antioxidant protection. Antioxidants are crucial for skin health as they neutralize harmful free radicals that can damage skin cells and accelerate aging.

Technology-Accelerated Skincare

Bio-Therapeutic's bt-cocktail Ampoule (and new bt-cocktail Energy Masque) are designed to work in harmony with their other signature technologies, such as microcurrent, ultrasonic and microexfoliation. The bt-cocktail ampoule and bt-cocktail Energy Masque can be paired with True Microcurrent, only available from Bio-Therapeutic’s bt-nano and Bio-Ultimate Platinum microcurrent machines.

Packaging and Sterility

Ten bt-cocktail ampoules lined up

The bt-cocktail ampoule is packaged in a sterile glass ampoule to ensure optimum ingredient potency and sterility. This packaging protects the five ingredient technologies that are each at maximum levels.


With Bio-Therapeutic leading the way, the future of skincare looks brighter and more energetic than ever.