Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


We were founded in 1974 by James “Jimmy” Suzuki in Seattle, Washington. James was a second generation Japanese American and the fifth of seven children. 

He spent much of his early childhood in the Japanese internment camp, Minidoka. When his family was released from camp in late 1945, they returned to their home and family business in downtown Seattle. 

Jimmy was an athlete from an early age. He was strong, agile, fast, and smart. He excelled at many sports, however, his passion was football. He lettered in track and football at Queen Anne High School all four years and was a driving force to the undefeated record and city championship that the Queen Anne Grizzlies Football Club achieved in 1954. His athleticism and intelligence led him to the University of Washington where he pursued Electrical Engineering and played football for the UW Huskies. 

In 1958 he married the love of his life, Patricia Ann Spain. They had three children, Christine, Jimmy Jr., and David. 

He enlisted in the US Air Force in 1959, immediately after graduating with honors from the University of Washington with an Electrical Engineering degree and spent the early part of his career as a navigator. By his second year in the Air Force he was assigned to the 4751st Air Defense Missile Squadron as a Missile Officer. 

Jimmy was the true definition of an entrepreneur. He was consistently involved in residential and commercial real estate throughout his life, general contracting, vending operations, dry cleaners, a variety of retail businesses, and a long list of other ventures. 

In 1974 he founded Bio-Therapeutic as a research and development company that specialized in designing and manufacturing technology for wellness and preventative aging.  With his vast knowledge of electrical engineering and the electrical function of the human body, he was able to very quickly create the first computerized low-level microcurrent device. He later went on to achieve multiple worldwide patents and four independent medical device 510K approvals focusing on pain control. Bio-Therapeutic has now become a worldwide company with distribution in 35 different countries. 

Today we continue in the spirit that James Suzuki instilled in Bio-Therapeutic. Led by James’ son, David Suzuki, we are committed to the passion for innovation, agility, service, and integrity that is the legacy of James Suzuki.