Combination skin needs focused attention, customized to the needs of its individual zones. While most often manifesting as oiliness in the "T" zone, and dryness on the cheeks, the truth is that combination skin has a wide variety of faces, and Bio-Therapeutic has topical solutions to match.

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    bt-cocktail ampoules
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    Aquafuse FoamPeel
    Shade SPF 30
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    Platinum Restore Eye Cream
    Collagen & Elastin Ampoules
    Hyaluronic Delivery Eye Masque
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    Hyaluronic Delivery Face Masque
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    bt-infusion Collagen Masque
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    bt-infusion Vitamin C masque
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    Hyaluronic Delivery Neck Masque
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    bt-infusion Brightening Masque
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    bt-infusion Hydrating Masque
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    Platinum Peptide Serum
    bt-infusion Clearing Masque
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    bt-infusion Masque Collection
    Aquafuse Brightening
    Aquafuse Hydrate
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    Aquafuse Clearing
    Chromatic Serum
    Aquafuse Bundle
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